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ZAP Assertiveness for children who have experienced bullying – staff training (half-day)

8th of June 2018, 9.30 – 12.30 (£70/£60)


This training course will give staff the skills to deliver the Kidscape ZAP assertiveness course, which is aimed at children who have experienced bullying, in their schools. It will be particularly useful for anyone working with children transferring to high school.


ZAP Assertiveness was developed by Kidscape in 1999 using a range of assertiveness skills that were well known. It is a one-day intensive session providing young people with the skills and support to prevent them from being bullied. It is most appropriate for children from Year 5 upwards.


This course enables staff to deliver ZAP assertiveness.

After ZAP, Kidscape suggest that children should have:
(a) more strategies for dealing with conflict and cruelty
(b) greater likelihood of success in personal relationships
(c) enhanced self-esteem
(d) reduced likelihood of truancy or self-harm and
(e) a more active role in school and wider community.

Booking Information

Cost: £70
Schools with an EPSS contract or subscription pay £60 for a place.


Teachers and teaching assistants working in primary and secondary schools.
Rita Adair, Senior Educational Psychologist