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Teaching about mental health and emotional well-being (PSHE, Key Stage 3 and 4)

In a small-scale survey, 91% of students said that young people should learn about mental health through the PSHE teaching programme.

Teaching about mental health and emotional well-being promotes pupils’ well-being through the development of healthy coping strategies and an understanding of their own emotions as well as those of other people. It can also play a vital role in safeguarding pupils.

This half-day workshop will support you in developing the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach this crucial but challenging aspect of the PSHE education curriculum safely and effectively. You will also be able to access the guidance and lesson plans for the teaching programme developed by the PSHE association, with funding from the Department of Education. It is facilitated by Dr Bianca Finger-Berry, Educational Psychology and Specialist Support, and Rachel Welch, Charlie Waller Trust. It is expected that staff will be implementing this teaching programme in their schools. A feedback tool for students, to consider the initial impact of the programme, is available.

Attending this workshop will enable you to: Learn about a whole school approach to promoting mental and emotional wellbeing Increase your confidence in teaching about mental health and emotional wellbeing Develop skills and strategies for keeping vulnerable pupils safe Explore a range of resources and activities you could use at school including DfE approved lesson plans

Booking Information
This course if funded as part of our suicide prevention activities for Norfolk & Waveney- we expect attending schools to make a commitment to deliver a mental health teaching programme. Max. 2 delegates per school.

Dates: 6th November 2018 (West), 31st January 2019 (Norwich area), 2nd April 2019 (Horatio House, Lowestoft), 9.30 – 13.00


For further information including cancellation policy see individual course details.

Senior Leaders PSHE/SMSC Co-ordinators PSHE/SMSC teaching staff Form tutors and other staff who are teaching PSHE/SMSC