Dealing with traumatic experiences

Updated: 25/08/16

Sometimes children and young people are exposed to traumatic events. This can be very frightening, and it is not surprising that they will experience reactions also described as acute stress reactions.

You might notice a number of changes after the trauma and find that:

You can’t stop thinking about it.

There are times when it feels like the trauma is happening all over again.

You have difficulty sleeping at nights and bad dreams.

You get very frightened or upset by things that remind you about it.

You feel angry or irritable with friends and family.

You might want to think or talk about what happened.

You might not want to go out or be with other people.

(Coping with trauma, GOSH NHS Trust October 2007)


Over time, these feelings and experiences should get better over time.

There are things that you can do things to help yourself as well, like writing down your worries, learning to relax, etc.

Please have a look at this information sheet for further information.


If things don’t get better over time, please ensure that you seek some help. You can access help through your school, or you can also speak to your GP.