Death and Bereavement

Updated: 25/08/16


When someone you love dies, you will be affected by this in different ways. Some people get angry, sad, don’t want to talk to anyone, are worried about other family members, or find they can only cope by just getting on with life. Others might welcome lots of support from family, friends, school and others and like to talk about the person they loved.

You may find that you ‘don’t get over’ the death of a loved one, but with time and good support you can learn to cope with some of the changes and adjust to a life without the person you loved.

Hopefully you can get support from all the people who you are usually in touch with and who usually support you. Your family, friends, school but also other people such as youth workers, sports group leaders, faith leaders and others can be really supportive.

Sometimes you might find it quite hard though, and you might like to talk to an adult outside of your family about your feelings and the difficulties you are experiencing. Your school should be able to offer you additional support, a few schools also have a school counsellor.

Some young people like meeting up with others who have had similar experiences, whether in person, or online. Nelson’s Journey is a local bereavement charity in Norfolk, and you or your parents, school or anyone else can contact them for support. Below is some information about their work and a link to their website. On the right hand side of this page you will find some links to other organisations offering support and advice for young people.

Nelson’s Journey

You can talk to one of their bereavement support workers about how you’re feeling and about the person who died – sad, funny and everything in between. There’s no pressure, and they can book sessions when you would find them helpful. 

Nelson’s jouiney run free youth clubs around Norfolk for bereaved children and teenagers once every half term.  You can meet others in a similar situation, have fun and they can provide optional activities to help remember the person who has died.

There is an online message board where you can talk to other people who are with Nelson’s Journey. We moderate messages as quickly as possible to keep it a safe environment.