07/05/19 - 07:58:11 | Published in News

Safe Places

The Safe places scheme, run by Norfolk County Council, is for anyone who needs extra help and support when they are out in
the community.

The scheme is for anyone aged 11+ who might feel vulnerable or scared when out in public places. This could be
someone with a learning disability, sensory impairment, autism, dementia, mental health issues or physical disabilities.

If there’s a problem – a bus hasn’t arrived, for example, or a person or group on the street is causing
anxious feelings – the vulnerable person can find a Safe place where someone will help them.
Anyone can join the scheme and get a Safe places card, which you can carry with you. If you
are out on your own and encounter a problem or difficulties, you can go to a Safe place and
show your card. Someone will help you make a phone call to a friend, a family member or
the emergency services and wait with you until they come.

The idea is that being a member of the scheme will give you the confidence to be independent within the community. It has
been developed with Norfolk Constabulary.

By linking your phone to the Safe places website, you can quickly find where the nearest Safe place is.
More details, including how to get a Safe places card and an Easy Read version of how the scheme works, can be found at https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/safety/safe-places