Resources to support Schools and Parents: General

Updated: 24/04/20
6) Resources to support Schools and Parents:  General

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Extra support for schools and parents to help cope with coronavirus from Parents / carers Details of the extra support which schools and parents can access. Link
Resource Paper

from the British Psychological Society (Division of Educational and Child Psychology)

Parents / carers



Support and advice

for schools and parents/carers regarding school closures.

Coronavirus and UK schools Closures
Educational Psychologist guidance for advisors/teachers during school closures (due to COVID-19) Parents / carers



Advise for one parent from an Educational Psychologist in Hong Kong Link
Inclusion Development Programme Parents / carers



A suite of materials aimed to support teachers, teaching assistants & trainee teachers to increase their knowledge and skills in working with children & young people with a range of special educational needs Link
The Communication Trust Parents / carers



Summary of the different resources available on their website to support children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. Link
ACE’s Parents / carers



Introductory resources and training around adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Link
Hand Washing Advice For Children With Sensory Processing Difficulties Parents / Carers Occupational therapy advice sheet around trying to make hand washing an easier process for children with sensory processing difficulties.


Hand Washing Advice For Children With Sensory Processing Difficulties
Supporting Individuals with Autism through uncertain times from UNC Parents / Carers Booklet with strategies and resources to support children with autism during uncertain times (specifically tailored towards the coronavirus pandemic). Supporting Individuals with Autism
Advice for Key Worker Parents from the British Psychological Society * Parents / carers Guidance for key workers and their children on navigating the emotional effects of the coronavirus. Link
Advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus) for places of education from Public Health England* Parents / carers




Guidance and advice about coronavirus (in educational settings for staff, parents and carers, pupils and students. Link Parents / carers



Website with advice related to the coronavirus and resources to support learning at home Link
Tools for Teachers Covid-19 Edition by Autism Education Trust.  Teachers Six essential tools for teachers supporting autistic children and young people through home schooling and return to school. Tools for Teachers