Resources for Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Keeping Active

Updated: 24/04/20
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Smiling mind Early years



5 – 9

Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness Link
Cosmic Kids Children

3 – 11

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids Link



How to Avoid Becoming a Lizard Children

5 – 10


Parents and Carers

You Tube video helping children and adolescents to manage stress and anxiety Link
Belly Breathing Children

5 – 10


Parents and Carers

You Tube video on managing stress Link
BBC Supermovers Children

5 – 11

Fun curriculum linked resources to get your children moving while they learn Link
Go Noodle Children

5 – 11

Movement and mindfulness videos Link
CBBC Children

6 – 12

Videos and games you could play when at home Link



Mindfulness Exercises from section 3 CYP

8 – 16

A range of activities which each take around 15 minutes Link

11 – 16

Mindfulness animations that aim to support children at home Link CYP

14 – 18


Parents and Carers

Content to support mental and emotional wellness for both adults & children Link


CYP 14+


Parents and Carers

This mindfulness website has free meditations and exercises Link
Thriving adolescent CYP

15 – 18

Free audio mindfulness exercises Link
Every Mind Matters Parents and Carers Expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing. Link
Resources from The Anna Freud

National Centre for Children and


Parents and Carers



Website providing advice for helping manage mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus Link
Resources For Mental Health

And Wellbeing Toolkit from

Mentally Healthy Schools


Parents and Carers



A free toolkit with resources and tips to help support the mental health and wellbeing of school staff, parents, carers and children Link