Resources for Learning at Home: Maths

Updated: 24/04/20
3) Resources for learning at home
Resource available Suitable for What Where can I find out more?
Cbeebies – Numberblocks Early years Singalong videos for learning number Link
Khan Academy




2 – 14

Maths activities for all ages but other subjects at secondary level (Science, Engineering, Computing, Arts, Humanities, Economics and Finance)


NB: The material is based on the US grading system



Oxford Owls for Home Children

3 – 11

Reading, Maths and English activities for children


Doorway Online Children

4 – 7

Maths and literacy activities


The Maths Factor Children

4 – 12

Maths activities from Carol Vorderman.


Currently free to use

ICT Games Children

5 – 8

Games for maths and English Link
Time Tables Rockstars Children

5 – 11

A sequenced programme of daily times tables practice


Currently free access to schools ONLY (schools need to sign up for free home access for pupils)

White Rose Maths Children

5 – 13

A series of maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. Link
Sumdog Children

5 – 14

Practice maths, spelling and grammar at home through games Link
Prodigy Math’s Children

6 – 13

Maths activities


NB: The material is based on the US grading system

Ronit Bird Children with dyscalculia or other specific difficulties For teaching maths in a hands-on and multisensory manner Link
CoolMath4Kids Children

4 – 7

Interactive games covering adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and fractions Link
Snappy Maths Children

5 – 11

Free worksheets, interactive activities and other resources to help with the teaching and learning of mathematics facts and skills  Link