14/05/19 - 08:14:42 | Published in Training

Practical strategies to support pupil’s working memory

4.00 – 6.00 pm, King’s Lynn Academy

This session will explore how teaching the child to manage their working memory limitations is a more powerful approach than repeatedly playing “Kim’s game”. It will look at what working memory is, how it impacts on learning and some practical approaches teachers and teaching assistants can use in the classroom.

Working memory is the capacity to hold and manipulate information in mind for brief periods of time. Up to three or four children in each class may struggle with low levels of working memory. It is often mentioned in Educational Psychology and Specialist Learning Support Teacher reports but what does it mean in the classroom? Is it just playing memory games and do these memory games work?

To help teachers and teaching assistants to develop understanding of working memory and confidence with practical strategies that may be used in the classroom.

SENCos, Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Trainer: Sarah Gentle, Specialist Learning Support Teacher, EPSS

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£50 Schools with an EPSS contract or subscription receive a £10 discount
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