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Updated: 19/04/24

Do you wish to request EPSS involvement with a child? If so:

First, please check that you have a current contract with unused time

Reminder for contracts that are active September 2023- August 2024 the deadline for referrals is Friday the 24th of May. We can not guarantee that referrals received after this date can be completed.

Please Read the   EPSS Expectations on Clients 2023-24

Then complete the online referral form

Please Note: With effect from the 1st of September, 2022 we are only accepting referrals via the link above. 

Tips and Suggestions Including Offline referral form Nov 2021


If you would like to download and print a copy of our leaflets you can download them following the links below:

EPSS Autism support team Leaflet 22’23

DIGITAL Autism Support Team LEAFLET 22-23


EPSS Expectations on Clients 2022-23

EPSS Service Standards 2022-23







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