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Updated: 30/08/16

Do you wish to request EPSS involvement with a child? If so:

First, please check that you have a current contract with unused time

Then, download a copy of the referral form (The new form is inclusive for all aspects of referral EP,SLST, ASD/SEMH)

EPSS-School-Commissioned Referral Form 2018-19

ASD Referral Checklist

EPSS ASD Referral Checklist

Complete the form and send it to CS.EPSS@norfolk.gov.uk
The referral will be acknowledged. 

If you would like to download and print a copy of our leaflets you can download them following the links below:

ASD Support Team Leaflet

EPSS ASD support team Leaflet ’19 ’20

EPSS SEMH support team Leaflet 2019

Norfolk All Age Autism Partnership Board page

Service standards

EPSS Leaflet 3 Professional Support menu

EPSS Leaflet traded light blue 

Expectations on clients 18 

Leaflet Core SEN offer green 18 

UEL have begun a new open access periodical

Educational Pyschology Research and Practice (EPRaP)






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