General information for parents/carers and children and young people

Updated: 19/08/16

What is the Norfolk Educational Psychology & Specialist Support service?

Educational psychology and specialist support (EPSS) is a multi-disciplinary service which works with children and young people from birth to 25, who might be experiencing a range of challenges. These may include learning, social, emotional, behavioural, communication needs.

The EPSS team works with children and young people in a range of settings, including schools, nurseries and children’s centres, colleges, training providers and employers (amongst others). The team work collaboratively with parents, families, SENDCOs, teachers, paediatricians, speech and language therapists and others to maximise life opportunities for children and young people.


What is an Educational Psychologist?

  • We use our knowledge of psychology, learning and education to support teachers, parents/carers and pupils where there are concerns about the pupil’s educational progress and/or behaviour in school.
  • We work with children and young people from the age of 0-25 where there are potential barriers to learning

What will an Educational Psychologist do?

We work at three different levels. These include:

Case work

  • Consultation meetings and school reviews
  • Carrying out observations in the classroom or playground
  • Looking at children’s school work
  • Carrying out assessments
  • Individual or group work with children
  • Supporting the planning of moves between pre-school, school and post-school

Whole school level

  • Providing in-service training for school staff
  • Carrying out project work or research

Local Authority level

  • Research
  • Training
  • Multi-agency working
  • Providing advice to the Local Authority about children’s additional support needs

How do we access an EP

Schools highlight the children they want us to work with via our regular school visits. The SENDco will ask for your written permission for us to work with your child and will explain the reasons for requesting our support.
If you are worried about how your child is getting on in school and think a visit from an EP or specialist teacher might help, you can discuss your concerns with your SENDCo.

Children / Young People

What is an Educational Psychologist?
We are trained to understand how children and young people learn and develop.
EPs visit schools and work with pupils, teachers and parents/carers and share ideas on learning and how to cope with difficulties.
We try to find out how to make things better for children and young people.

How can an Educational Psychologist help?
We can help in a variety of ways, for example:
– How to get along with friends.
– Learn to manage school work that is difficult.
– How to find ways to help relax and worry less.
– Learn to help manage behaviour.
Sometimes we work with small groups of pupils, a class or the whole school.

What will an Educational Psychologist do?
We might:
– Meet with you and the adults who know you best to plan ways to make things better.
– Visit your class or the playground.
– Talk with you about how you are feeling about school or home and how things could be better.
– Do some tasks and activities to see what helps you learn.
– Come back to school to see if things are better