EPSS Traded Services

Updated: 12/05/22

The following packages are offered by EPSS, as part of its traded services:

Enhanced Core Offer

This package is most suited to school clusters or other groups of educational settings. It involves purchasing a specific amount of EPSS professional time over a year (i.e. one day a week or multiples of this amount), in order to support key functions within a cluster / group of settings.

The activities within these packages can be negotiated and include, but are not be limited to:

– Termly mini-consultation meetings with schools within the cluster
– Systemic work at schools and/or cluster level
– Professional input at cluster meetings
– Individual casework as negotiated with clusters

The benefits of the Enhanced Core Offer are:

– A dedicated EPSS member (Coordinating professional) to maximize the opportunities arising from consistent professional relationships
– The ability to plan activities on a long-term basis according to cluster / schools needs
– The ability to negotiate the use of time across the cluster, according to need.

Gold Enhanced Core Offer (ECO)

  • Allows for an added flexibility to subscription with access from a minimum of 2 EPSS days up to 99 EPSS days a year, at a competitive tariff.

Platinum Enhanced Core Offer

  • Allows for access to 100+ EPSS days a year at a competitive reduced tariff.

Annual Subscription Offer

This package offers a great value for money for settings and involves a number of yearly benefits, including:

  • One day of EPSS Consultancy
  • Full access to the EPSS website
  • Discounted access to EPSS training sessions
  • Free admission for one delegate at EPSS hosted conferences

Specific Packages

EPSS Specific Packages are available to the customers that have a running contract with EPSS. They have the unique benefit of being tailored to your individual needs and consist of discrete groups of sessions offered to help address particular themed difficulties within clusters or schools.

Specific packages could include, but are not limited to:

– Specialist interventions targeted at addressing mental health or learning needs
– Project work and training in a variety of areas, including raising school achievement or for pupils with a particular Special Educational Need or Disability, addressing bullying issues, etc.

You can download our 2020-2021 Traded Brochure Here EPSS Traded Brochure- 2021-22

Expressions of interests can be made through your Coordinating Educational Psychologist.

Alternatively you can contact:

Dr James Thatcher
Joint Principal Educational Psychologist

Tel: 01603 307562
Email: james.thatcher@norfolk.gov.uk


Dr Ian Mann
Senior Educational Psychologist

Tel: 07775 221741

Email: ian.mann@norfolk.gov.uk


James Brooks:
Traded Services Development Officer

Tel: 01603 306362
Email: james.brooks@norfolk.gov.uk

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