CI: Bereavement and Trauma

Updated: 16/04/20

Because many more people than usual died during the Covid-19 period, this has been a particular difficult time for many families.

In Norfolk, Nelson’s Journey are offering support and advice to families, and they can be contacted in the usual way. We are always encouraging families to let their schools know if a family member has died.

Losing a loved one during the last few years may have led to disenfranchised grief. Doka defines this ‘as grief that persons experience when they incur a loss that is not or cannot be openly acknowledged, socially sanctioned or publicly mourned’ (Doka, 1989).

Social support systems may not have functioned in the same way as usual. Children were not at school, and may not have communicated regularly with trusted adults (outside of their immediate family) and friends.

Children may not have taken part in funerals during the last couple of years as numbers were very much restricted, and opportunities to say good-bye may have been limited.

The grieving process may have been hindered and potentially led to difficulties in resolving the death.

In addition to the Critical Incident Service for schools (contact there are also a number of voluntary agencies offering advice and support. See the side panel for more information.

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