Our Services

  • Providing effective interventions underpinned by expert psychological and pedagogical knowledge
  • Working to promote the educational progress of individual children in the context of their schools, families and community
  • Helping to solve complex and emotionally charged problems through sensitive partnership working
  • Striving to achieve equality of access and achievement for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability
  • Using and valuing the voice of the child, parents and carers in all the work we do
  • Providing legally contestable advice and guidance in complex psychological and pedagogical situations


Support Packages for Schools and Clusters of Schools

EPSS offers professional input in helping settings address children & young peoples’ difficulties and improve learning and achievement through work:

· Directly commissioned by Norfolk Local Authority
· School commissioned Services

We offer a range of activities supporting the following key areas:

– Raising Standards
– Cognition and Learning
– Language and Communication
– SEN and Disability
– Emotional Wellbeing/Mental Health
– Whole School/cluster activities
– Coaching & Brokering

Examples of these activities can be found in the extensive EPSS Professional Support Menu

The service is provided by a range of professionals which comprises Educational, Clinical & Occupational Psychologists, Advisory Support Teachers, Trainee, Assistant Educational Psychologists and Behavioural Consultants.