Webinar for My New School

As you aware our planned Transition session during March was cancelled because of school closures and social distancing measures..

Session 1

We have created a short webinar of our March training session for you to watch. Which you can find below.


Session 2

A recording of our May training session discussing planning for transition to High School and using Circle of Adults



If you have any questions about the content discussed in the webinar, please contact Dino at dino.dhingsa@norfolk.gov.uk who would be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for your involvement in My New School and your professionalism at this time. We hope that you continue to stay safe, positive and well.


Click on the links below to download the corresponding Week’s session plan

My New Schools booklets

Childrens Book

Childrens Book (editable version v.2)


My New Schools Session Plans

A series of session plans to help support pupils with their move to High School. These session plans have been adapted to help support children unable to attend school at this time.

Week 1 session plan

Week 2 session plan

Week 3 session plan

Week 4 session plan

Week 5 session plan

Week 6 session plan

Week 7 session plan

Week 8 session plan (for use at home)

Week 8 session plan (for use at school)


Practical Tips to support Transition

Debbie Davies, SENCo at Colman Junior School, discusses supporting year 6 pupils through transition