22/01/20 - 01:04:51 | Published in EPSS News

My New School – Transition Intervention

My New School – an intervention that empowers children to successfully move to High School

In 2016, Norfolk Educational Psychology and Specialist Support was embarking upon an exciting project on supporting children with special educational needs (SEN) moving successfully to high school. The brainchild of this project was a junior school and we were supported, in our journey, by several students, schools and Governors.

We have since developed the My New School transition intervention. The intervention is based on several phases of research, published in national papers.

More recently, Norwich Opportunity Area has kindly supported us in redesigning the My New School materials, such as the booklets for students and schools. Together we are now able to offer training to schools in Norwich, and across Norfolk, who have pupils in year 6 going to High Schools. Schools that take part can be confident that they are using a local, evidence-based intervention which supports children during such an important change.

We are offering three brief twilight sessions, as we want to make sure everyone is confident in using My New School, as well as practise a variety of skills which may help colleagues support children with SEN.

Session 1 will introduce My New School while providing an opportunity to practice facilitation techniques. This session will take place on the following dates:

05/03/2020        Professional Development Centre (PDC) at 4:00pm

13/03/2020        POD at Colman Junior School at 4:00pm

During session 2 school colleagues will share experiences and baseline data from My New School intervention; additionally, we will introduce and practice peer supervision techniques. This session will take place on:

12/05/2020        PDC at 4:00pm

21/05/2020        POD at Colman Junior School at 4:00pm

At Session 3 schools will share final data and we will also focus on a specific professional matter, as voted for by the delegates. This session will take place on:

14/07/2020        PDC at 4:00pm

16/07/2020        POD at Colman Junior School at 4:00pm

If you wish to register your interest to take part please email Dino Dhingsa at Research and Development Assistant, at Educational Psychology and Specialist Support.