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Life as an AEP: Day 1

Everything old is new again;

My first day of being a second year Assistant Educational Psychologist (AEP) came around much quicker than I expected. One day I was waving off my now close friends to begin their first year as Trainee Educational Psychologists (TEPs), and the next I was welcoming a new wave of AEPs into the service.  Our very first day we were tasked with delivering a workshop to Teaching Assistant (TAs) on physical development and Dyscalculia.


We were split into pairs and had spent time getting to know each other and preparing prior to our first day at the beginning of September. I was given physical development and co-ordination with new AEP Kirstie; while Chris and Ellice had Dyscalculia. I am not a fan of presentations/workshops and on my first day this was particularly anxiety provoking. With around 35 delegates eagerly awaiting our workshop I began by introducing the subject. Luckily in a workshop format we incorporated a lot of audience activities, discussion and tasks.


This allowed time for Kirstie and I to breath and compose ourselves before moving on to the next slides. We had the support of our line manager during the workshop which helped to ease our anxiety a bit, but the vast majority was delivered by Kirstie and myself.


Everyone engaged well in the activities we set up and seemed to be absorbing the information we were giving them. We did a couple of activities which allowed for the participants to get a feel of what it might be like to have a developmental co-ordination disorder or dyspraxia. Participants had to copy their name using their non dominant hand using the font below, feel free to give it a try and see how you feel…..

Font image

People responded really well to this and the feedback was that it was a useful exercise in order to get a feel of what a child may be experiencing.

Although there was a lot of anxiety around this day, as a group it was felt that this was a helpful experience. The process of information gathering and developing this into a workshop for TAs was useful in expanding our knowledge base and presentation skills. It’s always helpful to read feedback from delegates as it gave us points to work on with our next workshop.  We were lucky enough to have the rest of the week off in Lieu of all the work we had put into the workshop outside of work time! Looking forward to the first few weeks as a second year AEP….