Severe Learning difficulties

Updated: 23/08/16

Children with severe learning difficulties are likely to need support in all areas of the curriculum and associated difficulties with mobility and communication.

People with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) tend to have significant restrictions in relation to their cognitive and/or intellectual capacities. These can co-exist with physical, sensory, social and/or emotional difficulties thus making it difficult for a child with SLD to follow the school curriculum without substantial support. As a result they will have difficulties with learning skills and applying them to differing contexts.

Children with SLD may also use symbols (Rebus), or signing such as ‘Makaton (See key resources section) to help with communication. A child with SLD will require support in gaining independence and/or self-help and social skills and it is likely that most areas of academic achievement will be affected with attainments likely to remain below level 1 of the National Curriculum