Self-harm and suicide prevention

Updated: 24/08/16

It is thought that around 13% of young people may try to hurt themselves on purpose at some point between the ages of 11 and 16, but the actual figure could be much higher.

In 2014, figures were published suggesting a 70% increase in 10-14 year olds attending A&E for self-harm related reasons over the preceding 2 years.


Schools will be supporting a large number of young people with self-harm issues.

Any child or young person, who self-harms or expresses thoughts about this or about suicide, must be taken seriously and appropriate help and intervention should be offered at the earliest point. Any practitioner, who is made aware that a child or young person has self-harmed, or is contemplating this or suicide, should talk with the child or young person without delay. Please follow the Norfolk LSCB guidelines for further information.

For information on suicide prevention, please check under the Critical Incident Section:

Suicide prevention


What to do if you believe a child may be at risk of suicide

Please follow the guidance from the Norfolk Safeguarding Board, which was first published in September 2017:

If you would like to access any training on self-harm/suicide, please look in the training section, or contact

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