PCP & PCR – Person centred planning and person centred reviews

Updated: 03/11/16

Person centred planning (PCP) describes a collection of processes and tools that can be used to develop action plans for a pre-determined ‘focus person’. Person centred reviews (PCRs) is one of those tools.

Aims of PCR’s:

– directly involve the focus person in making decisions about his or her life

– power is shifted from professionals and services to the focus person

– the focus person is supported to reach his or her aspirations by supporters (e.g. Parents, teachers, etc.)

– the meeting is inclusive (i.e. Jargon free, visual, interactive, pre-elicitation activities, choice of recording methods such as writing/drawing)

– The person’s own skills, values and choices are central. The focus person should have a sense of ownership and independence

– Social inclusion is promoted by identifying activities and relationships within the community which reduce inequality

(DoH, 2001; Downing, Manthorpe and Cowley, 2006, Sanderson and Lewis, 2012)

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