Critical Incident, Bereavement and Trauma

Norfolk’s Critical Incident Support Service has a strong history of providing support to schools since it was first launched over 27 years ago.

The Critical Incident Service was developed in 1995, when schools requested support in relation to children whose parents were engaged in the Gulf war, as well as following requests from individual schools where a death or a traumatic event had occurred.

It has grown over the years and now provides critical incident support, advice and consultation in relation to supporting bereaved children as well as children who have experienced significant trauma. Good practice guidelines in form of a sample bereavement policy, ideas for teaching about death and bereavement is also provided.

Support for the framework is provided by the Critical Incident Steering group. The group comprises Head teachers, Children’s Services officers, and other support services who oversee the Critical Incident Support Strategy. The Steering group is always keen to hear from Head teachers and others who have ideas about the strategy and how it may support schools and early years settings more effectively.

If you are an academy/independent school, you can subscribe to the Critical Incident Service via the Services for Schools website. It is currently funded through the LA for all LA schools.

Various training sessions are available, please have a look at this page for any forthcoming training: