Promoting positive mental health and developing resilience

Updated: 25/08/16

We need to meet the emotional, social and psychological needs of children. Whilst we can respond to individual children, if we want work in a preventative manner, a whole school approach needs to be taken.

What works in promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health problems in schools? Advice for Schools and Framework Document (National Children’s Bureau)

Adopt whole school thinking

Prioritise learning and staff development

Develop supportive policy

Implement targeted programmes and interventions (including curriculum)

Implement targeted responses and identify specialised pathways

Connect appropriately with approaches to behaviour management

Teach about mental health and well-being


Teaching Resources are available from the PSHE Association website, both for primary and secondary schools:


For free resources to support children’s academic resilience see the Young Mind’s website.

A self-assessment and improvement tool for school leaders, A whole school framework for emotional well being and mental health is also now available from the National Children’s Bureau.

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