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FREE: Making Sense of Autism Training

Management Information Sheet

Autism Education Trust (AET) Hub

As the AET training hub for Norfolk EPSS is offering:

Free ‘Making Sense of Autism’ training for all Norfolk schools, academies and early years settings.

‘Making Sense of Autism’ training lasts 1 ½ hours.  There is an early years and school module, intended for staff working with pupils up to16 years of age, in mainstream and specialist settings. Ideally this training would be delivered to all staff, including teachers, teaching assistants, transport staff, lunchtime staff, senior management, governors and office staff.

The ‘Making Sense of Autism’ module covers:

  • The four key areas of difference within autism
  • Understanding the individual pupil and their strengths and areas for development.
  • Key areas to help pupils on the autism spectrum build positive relationships with staff, peers, families and people in their community.
  • Awareness of the sensory and communication differences that pupils may experience.

‘Making Sense of Autism’ training is part of an evidence-based national training programme, which is endorsed by the DfE.  ‘Making Sense of Autism’ is one of a suite of training modules developed by the Autism Education Trust (AET), see https://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/training-programme/

Norfolk schools, academies and early years settings will be able to access additional modules including: Good Autism Practice, Extending and Enhancing Good Autism Practice, Leading Good Autism Practice, Complex Needs and Participation, further details available on request.

Training will be delivered by practitioners from Educational Psychology and Specialist Support (EPSS). The early years’ module is being led by Julie Stewart (ASD Support Team Co-ordinator), and the schools’ module is being led by Dr Sue Ackerley (Educational Psychologist).

As training dates are scheduled, ‘Making Sense of Autism’ will be advertised on-line on the Educator Solutions website https://www.educatorsolutions.org.uk/ and on the EPSS website https://www.norfolkepss.org.uk.


In the meantime, please contact Julie Julie.stewart@norfolk.gov.uk. to express interest in the early years’ training and Sue susan.ackerley@norfolk.gov.uk to express interest in the schools’ training.

The Autism Education Trust believes that all pupils with autism should receive an education which enables them to reach their full potential to engage in society as active citizens and that individuals, families and professionals are informed, supported and equipped to enable this to be achieved.