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Supporting children who are bereaved in school communities

9th of May 2017 Mangreen Hall, Swardeston,  Norwich







The Childhood Bereavement Network estimates that we have 2940 children in Norfolk who have experience the death of a parent or sibling, this amounts to 1.7% of all children in the county.

Our vision is that all Norfolk Schools support bereaved children to achieve academically and to meet their social and emotional needs.

Children who are bereaved, often turn to adults they have a trusting relationship with, and within schools this can include their Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Instructors, Midday Supervisors, Administrative and other staff. Parents also talk to the School Secretary or the Parent Supporter in the school. We want all bereaved children and families in Norfolk to feel well supported by their schools.

We are going to offer a full-day course to enable staff to consider practical ideas on supporting bereaved children and young people.

 This free training event is designed for all staff who work with children in schools.

If you would like to book this training as inset or twilight, this is also possible.

9th of May 2017 Mangreen Hall, nr. Norwich


9.30 – 15.30, lunch included

Aims of the Training Event

  • To develop a good understanding of the effects of bereavement on children, including their learning and their behaviour
  • To gain knowledge about how to support bereaved children effectively, and how to respond to bereaved parents
  • To gain confidence in supporting children and their families


Please book this training through the Services for Schools website, http://s4s.norfolk.gov.uk/, reference CIN-0517-T001. It is free to all LA Schools and those schools/academies, which are subscribing to the CI Service.

For last minute bookings, or any queries, please contact the Critical Incident Lead Officer – bianca.finger-berry@norfolk.gov.uk or 01263 739064.