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Eating difficulties and body image, EPSS twilight training

22 Oct 2020 16:00 – 18:00

Eating difficulties and body image, EPSS twilight training


Schools are likely to have a great many pupils who diet, purge or use diet pills, who misuse exercise, and who suffer from body dissatisfaction. Schools are also under pressure to take action on obesity (www.anorexiafamily.com).


In this training event we will explore eating difficulties and body image, and what schools can do to help.

Recent research clearly indicates that negative body image is common among school-aged children, and in the 2017 Norfolk Well-being survey less than half of pupils indicated that they were happy with their weight. There is a strong relationship between poor body image, disordered eating and weight problems, and this will be further explored in this training session, as well as thinking about the actions schools can take to help.


This workshop is jointly delivered with colleagues from the CAMHS eating disorder service.

Booking Information

Cost: free for all educational settings in Norfolk & Waveney
Cancellation Policy:
For cancellations made by the school/establishment more than 14 working days prior to the course date, no charge will be made. A £20 administration fee will be levied per person for cancellations less than 14 working days, otherwise you can arrange for a colleague to attend.


SENCO, Medical Needs Co-ordinator, Pastoral Staff, Designated Safeguarding Officer, RSHE co-ordinator