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Critical Incident Teaching about death and bereavement

‘Because at high school, it is going to happen, we lost three students, and I think the earlier
schools can teach younger people about what’s going to happen, and how to deal with things, and
what could happen, the better it would be, to prepare them and that, when it does happen.’ (Young
person following the death of a school friend)
51% of young people tell us that they have had no teaching about bereavement, loss and
separation or that they didn’t find it at all useful. Yet loss and bereavement are an inevitable part of
our lives, and it is important to prepare children and young people for this experience.
We can teach this pro-actively, as well as allow natural discussion about death as it arises in
everyday life. We can encourage children to see death as part of the natural life cycle.
Children and young people say that they want to learn about it, and we can teach them some
valuable skills to help them deal with the most certain experience.

During this short course we will talk about the role of teaching about death and bereavement
throughout school, we will share teaching materials as we want to encourage all schools to help
prepare children for the experience of death.

Staff will be more confident in teaching about death and bereavement, and have some ideas about
how they can do that.

Classteachers in primary schools
All staff teaching PSHE whether in dedicated PSHE lessons or through form time, off time-table
days, etc.

19/11/2018 16:00 – 18:00
Title: Teaching about death and bereavement
Venue: Professional Development Centre (Norwich)
(1 – Training Room), 144 Woodside Road, Norwich,
Norfolk, NR7 9QL
Trainer: Bianca Finger-Berry

Critical Incident
Teaching about death and bereavement
PSHE Co-ordinators
Mental health well-being champions
Booking Information
This is course is free for LA schools and all other settings that subscribe to Critical Incident
Schools buying into EPSS pay £40, all other schools/settings £50.

Cancellation Policy:
For cancellations made by the school/establishment more than 14 working days prior to the course
date, no charge will be made. A £20 administration fee will be levied per person for cancellations
less than 14 days. Alternatively, you can arrange for a colleague to take your place.