Behaviour difficulties- Information for Parents/ Carers

Updated: 25/08/16

Are you worried about your child’s behaviour in school?

Your causes for concern may include:

  • your child always getting into trouble with teachers
  • your child not having any friends
  • your child not wanting to go to school
  • your child not appearing to be making progress with his or her learning.
  • frequent contact from school about your child’s behaviour.
  • your child is not sleeping well


There are all kind of reasons why a child or young person may be displaying difficult behaviours.

  • In the first instance you will need to talk to your child’s teacher or key staff in the school, for example the SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator) or the Head teacher. With your permission, they may make a referral to an educational psychologist or specialist behaviour support teacher.

They may do the following things:

  • Talk to your child’s teachers and you about concerns
  • Observe your child in the classroom and maybe at other times in school, such as lunchtime or playtime
  • Meet with your child to talk about their feelings about school
  • Seek information from other sources, such as your child’s file, which may include reports from other people which help to give a full picture
  • Give advice to the school and to you on ways to help and improve the situation.

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