Back to school

Updated: 21/05/20

Transition Back to School following Covid-19 – Building Resilient School Communities

The transition back to school following the Covid-19 closure is a new experience for all of us. Most of us our lives have been turned upside down and we had to re-learn to function in a completely different climate, with unexpected challenges and opportunities. We have all- children, parents and staff – faced a loss in routine, separation from family and friends and for some, the worry of losing our income and jobs.

We have very little experience to draw upon in this new venture; nonetheless, previous major events in a community’s life, such as epidemics or earthquakes, together with current communication we hold with school staff, parents and, at times, children, helped us understand what the circumstances might be for the Norfolk schools and their population, and how we could be moving forward, minimise stress, preserve mental health and even more, develop positively in the future. Below you will find specific interim guidance that we have created to assist with this transition.


School community

Helping Staff Reconnect to School

Back to school questionnaires

Supporting your class when returning from Covid-19 Information for teachers

Learning and curriculum – first steps back

Supporting pupil’s social, emotional and mental health following Covid-19

Supporting pupils on the autistic spectrum

Supporting pupils at transition stages

Helping vulnerable parents to support their children back to school

Supporting bereaved children returning to school after Covid 19

Covid 19 as a traumatic experience


Additional guidance is also available from The British Psychological Society. You may find the following helpful:

Back to school: using psychological perspectives to support recovery and re-engagement

Back to school transition: the importance of playtime 

The psychology of play: helping children cope with stress and worry



Dr Helen Bunn (coordinator), Senior Educational Psychologist
Dr Sue Ackerley, Educational Psychologist
Louise Brown, SEMH Practitioner
Dr Bianca Finger-Berry, Critical Incident Lead
Anna Pearson, Specialist Learning Support Teacher
Richard Smith, Trainee Educational Psychologist
Dr Emma Speed, Educational Psychologist
Julie Stewart, ASD Support Coordinator
Kirstie Summers, Trainee Educational Psychologist
Dr Georgina Turner, Educational Psychologist

With specific thanks to Richard Smith and Kirstie Summers for their input in pulling the guidance together and to AJ James Brooks for organising its website appearance.