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Attachment and the Implications for Learning and Behaviour (EPSS Twilight)

1st of May 2018, 4-6 p.m.

An introduction to what we understand about attachment styles, both healthy and disordered, and the impact on learning and behaviour in school.


The session will cover the importance of developing healthy attachment to others and the impact of developmental trauma and the consequences for different styles of attachment that may be insecure, avoidant, ambivalent or disorganised.


Participants will develop understanding and empathy for children and young people who have experienced developmental trauma and will take away some tools for adapting teaching and developing support for them.


Head Teachers and SEND Governors, Pastoral Leaders, SEND Leads and SENDCos, class teachers and teaching assistants.

Cost: £50

Schools with an EPSS contract or subscription pay £40 for a place.

Elaine Nickolls, Senior Educational Psychologist

Please see S4S site for further information and booking: http://s4s.norfolk.gov.uk/Event/61767