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Updated: 24/04/20

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Coronavirus guidance from Carers UK Carers Article discussing:

·         Being prepared for the coronavirus

·         Do I need to stay away from others?

·         How do I protect someone I care for?

·         Care workers and other home help

·         Guidance for working carers

Coronavirus and your wellbeing from Mind Parents / carers Article discussing helping individuals feeling anxious & worried about staying at home. Link
Guide to helping parents answer questions from their children and to support family wellbeing from Place2Be Parents / carers Article discussing:

·         how parents can deal with their worries

·         talking to a child

·         being reassuring

·         taking precautions to stay safe

Calming Coronavirus anxiety in children (and everyone else) from


Schools and parents / carers Article discussing:

·         Keeping yourself and child calm

·         How to respond to anxiety from children to Coronavirus?

·         Teaching children to wash their hands properly

·         Helping children understand the Coronavirus

Child Mind Institute Parents / carers Range of articles to support:

·         Coping with the coronavirus

·         Managing anxiety

·         Helping child behaviors

Keeping calm and providing supportive parenting during the Coronavirus from Jonathan Woodall


Parents / carers Advice on how to manage with school closures Link
Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus from the American Psychological Association Parents / carers Some tips to help manage anxiety from the media coverage of the Coronavirus Link
Tips for handling work and kids during COVID-19 isolation from livescience Parents / carers Article discussing explaining the Coronavirus to children and creating A new routine Link
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Schools and parents / carers Helps to promote movement and wellbeing Link




Survival tips for parents from Schools and parents / carers 10 Activities to do at home Link
‘FACE COVID’ by Dr Russ Harris Parents / carers A set of practical steps for responding effectively to the Corona crisis Link
Health and other forms of anxiety and coronavirus from AnxietyUK Parents / carers Advice and techniques on managing anxiety including breathing and distraction exercises and mindfulness Link
Resources to share with parents from Education Endowment Foundation Parents / carers Advice on creating home routines and valuable learning opportunities, such as shared reading Link