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ADHD – How Can We Help Children and Young People? (EPSS Twilight)

23rd of January 2018, 4-6 p.m.

This training will consider ADHD as a theoretical construct associated with neurodevelopmental differences. It will explore what reserach tells us about the impact that these differences can have on thinking and learning skills, mood, behaviour and outcomes across the lifespan. It will then discuss strategies that can be put in place to support children and young people; especially within an educational setting.



At the end of the session, it is hoped that those attending will have developed a better understanding of ADHD as a construct and will feel confident to support children and young people who experience negative outcomes as a result of their differences.


This session is for all staff working with children and young people in an educational setting.

Cost: £50

Schools with an EPSS contract or subscription pay £40 for a place.


Please see S4S site for further information and booking: http://s4s.norfolk.gov.uk/Event/58306