EPSS Commissions

Updated: 12/05/22

We are a multi-commissioned Service, with commissions from the local authority, Virtual School for Looked After Children, Virtual School for Sensory Support, and educational settings.

Core work

The core service for the local authority is free at the point of delivery. This work includes assessments under the Children and Families Act 2014 (i.e. for Education, Health and Care Plans), support for the SEN Tribunal and, in some cases, annual reviews, at the discretion and direction of the local authority. EPSS is contributing to the development of innovative practice aimed at improving services for children and young people with additional or special educational needs or a disability (e.g. consultative assessment and outcomes-setting meeting for young people over 18, and trialing PCR approaches).

The core commission also involves support for early help, including information for parents of children in early years settings; consultative support for Early Help Hubs; ‘signposting’ to and linking with other local authority services; and work with particularly vulnerable children.

Traded work

Commissioned work for the Virtual School for Looked After Children includes interventions aimed at raising standards (e.g. ARROW and Video Interactive Learning (VIG)), as well as intensive work with children who are experiencing particular difficulties. Specialist work with children with complex hearing impairment is commissioned by the Virtual School for Sensory Support on a case by case basis.

Schools and clusters of schools commission a wide range of early intervention work from EPSS. We understand that different settings will need different services to meet the needs of their children and young people. As such all of our services are bespoke – so whether you are an early years provider, a school, or college, we will work with you to understand your needs and how we might be able to help.

Both clusters or groups of schools and individual schools can purchase EPSS services and then negotiate the use of that professional time (see traded section for details). Traded services are predicated on the notion of responsiveness to customer needs, and make customers an extended offer of graduated responses. This might include, but is not limited to:

  • Bespoke packages of support which may include case work (assessment/intervention), group and whole class work, whole setting development such as training, which might relate to issues arising from inspections, setting priorities, or the Equality Act 2010 for example.
  • PCRs facilitated by an EP .
  • Access to EPSS training such as A.R.R.O.W. ™, the Wellbeing Toolkit, and anti-bullying work.
  • Access to transitional and review input for schools and colleges.
  • We are working on providing a regular complementary consultation service, via this website, email, or telephone, for staff and parents of those schools who purchase into EPSS.