Welcome to the Inclusion Support Directory

Updated: 05/01/22



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The Inclusion Support Directory is a self-service tool for adults involved in supporting children and young people at school. It contains information about inclusion support services, including how and when to access them.

This tool has been collaboratively developed by EPSS and the Inclusion and SEND Team at Norfolk County Council. It contains an interactive element that makes it clearer and easier to find the right support in relation to a particular query.

We hope that using the directory helps you to identify where and how to seek support with promoting inclusion in your school. We encourage you to provide feedback using the form within the directory or via the link below. By providing feedback, you will improve the tool for future users and, as a result, have a broader positive impact on the inclusion and wellbeing of children and young people in Norfolk.

To provide feedback on your experience of using the directory, please click here.