Research & Development Activities

Updated: 05/10/22


Research is a key component of our work, and there  are a range research projects that the team have been working on.

A list of publications and theses by members of our team can be found here:

Development Projects

EPSS is keen to support development of new and more effective ways of supporting children and young people.

One of the ways that we do this is work across the various teams in a multi-disciplinary way on development projects which explore a range of topics and give us the opportunity to share expertise, knowledge  and experience while we learn together.

Current development projects (2022)

Autism Education Training

Communication within EPSS

Working with EAL / GRT Service on provision within schools / joined up approach 

Understanding the impact of Traded work on CYP

EPSS well-being 

Managed Moves

Voice of child Toolkit

Dynamic Assessment and Person-Centred Approaches Development Group 

Identification of Dyslexia


Previous development projects

  • My New School:   To view a video clip, featuring the views of students and SENDCos who were involved in the project click here.
  • The Wellbeing Toolkit: A skills-based training programme for staff in schools on using therapeutic tools to foster social and emotional development in children and young people.
  • Person-Centred Reviews (PCRs): This project was looking at how PCRs can be used to enable the child to communicate their aspirations, fears, strengths and areas for development to a network of supporters (i.e. parents, school staff and other professionals).
  • Assistant EP Projects: Our Assistant EPs have been involved in a number of activities including implementing A.R.R.O.W. ™ interventions, and exploring how the SEN Code of Practice is being used within early years settings. This innovative project is nationally relevant given the limited research in this area. In Norfolk, developing professional understanding of how this guidance is being used will be crucial in targeting early help and supporting children and families through the new statutory processes. Queries should be directed to Dr Helena Bunn in the first instance.


Also: UEL have begun a new open access periodical:

Educational Pyschology Research and Practice (EPRaP)