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Children and young people are at the heart of all that we do. Our mission is to offer effective, evidence based psychological and pedagogical services to children, young people and those who support them in order to make a positive difference to their lives. We work within a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and respect.aff.

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Because many more people than usual died during the Covid-19 period, this has been a particular difficult time for bereaved families.


Responding to War & Conflict

The current situation is affecting our school communities, and we thought it would be helpful to share some useful advice and resources.

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Educational Psychology & Specialist Support

Our core values are to provide accessible, equitable services to children and young people and their families or carers, and to the agencies that support them. Our Service aims to promote inclusion and equality of opportunity. The vision is to be dynamic, innovative and focused on early intervention, prevention, strengths and capacities for change.

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In dealing with a recent complaint, she was really helpful and turned round a situation.  Her intervention meant they had a better understanding of the situation.  Just as importantly, I think they felt listened to, which goes so far.  This also enabled those involved to make adjustments and the complaint was therefore dealt with so…


The support teacher consultant was amazing, I feel she helped, and hope all she has said will help our child. She was very clear with everything and I will look forward to meeting up with her again to happily tell her the good difference she has made,     FacebookTwitteremail


Regarding Core Consultations –     I really appreciate the time you have given again this morning and the support and knowledge that you all offer. The core consultations are, for me, such positive support and I appreciate your knowledge and understanding of what it is like in school. I deeply missed our cluster SENDco…


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