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Anxiety and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Approaches – A Taster Session (EPSS Twilight)

21st of November 2017, 4-6 p.m.

Understanding the nature of anxiety and how best to manage related issues with pupils in schools.

This session will explore key psychological models and theories of anxiety, focusing particularly on
CBT-specific approaches. It will recognise both “normal” and “problematic” anxiety, and consider
how best to manage the latter. It is hoped that sharing related information with pupils will help
them better understand and manage their anxieties. This “psychoeducation” is recognised as a
key component in most intervention packages. CBT-approaches will be explored in more detail,
and the option of further, more comprehensive training (for example regarding the application of
related techniques) will be discussed.

Staff will have a fuller understanding of the psychology of anxiety, and will feel comfortable sharing
this information with pupils in schools. Staff will understand how CBT approaches interpret anxiety,
and aims to help in addressing problem anxieties.

Professionals working with pupils on a regular basis, including teachers and classroom assistants.
CBT approaches have been shown to be more effective with older pupils, i.e. KS2 and above.
Booking Information

Cost: £50
Schools with an EPSS contract or subscription pay £40 for a place.

Please see S4S site for further information and booking: http://s4s.norfolk.gov.uk/Event/58521